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Younam Electric Corporation, started in 1986 to provide components for refrigerators and air conditions, is growing to be a global core components supplier to the world leading companies including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sharp, Toshiba and GE. Its continuous research and countless testing combined with innovative manufacturing technology of its own make Younam succeed in the highly competitive market and relentless business environment. Our Products, notably filter and drier, are highly competitive in advanced countries such as Italy and the US, and Younam Electric Corporation is becoming a worldwide leading components supplier.

Younam will continuously challenge to provide the world’s best components that leverage its underlying global competitive manufacturing technology to the customers with creativeness and autonomous quality control. Younam’s management and employees are well positioned to maximize our client’s value and excel in your needs to become the best global partner of domestic, as well as overseas enterprises.

You Nam Electric Co., Ltd.
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