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   Strainers and distributers and usually used in room air conditioners to protect refrigeration components including valves, compressors and capillary tubes from system contaminants. The proper selection is based on mainly;

a) max. operating pressure
b) contaminants present in the system

The body is made of seamless copper tube and provided with a phosphorbronze or stainless steel screen inside

Distributer (Welding type)
① Screen holder    ② Screen    ③ Body
Body O.D Size (mm)
Thickness (mm) *In-let I.D. Size (mm) Out-let I.D. Size (mm)
Number of out-let holes Screen Area (㎠) ScreenSize
Strainer Ø15.88 0.51 Ø4.0-9.6 according to the customer's request 1-2 4.2 60-150 mesh
(according to the customer's request)
Ø18.8 0.51 Ø4.0-9.6 1-3 5.1
Ø25.4 0.635 Ø6.4-9.7 1-5 9.5
Distributer Ø31.75 0.8 Ø6.4-9.7 1-10 14.5
Ø41.3 0.8 Ø12.5-16.0 1-12 21.2
Note) 1. Screen area larger than the above(filter for suction line) may be available on the request      of customer
2. * : Other sizes beyond the above range may be available according to the customer's
3. Distributers and available without screen.


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